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About Us

An investment in Volunteer Properties Management, LLC (VPM) is an investment in the omnipresent attention that your property will receive. We are always vigilant with regard to the  interests of our client. We provide continuous service to your needs day or night.

We are a full service property management company as we have the ability to broker sales and purchases for your growing needs as a family and corporation.  Volunteer Properties Management, LLC is able to manage your properties as well as sell your current property and acquire new properties to add to your current portfolio. The additional services that Volunteer Properties Management, LLC supplies to you are:

  • We manage rental properties, single family, multi-family and commercial properties
  • We provide maintenance services to your properties. We have long standing relationships with vendors to handle all your property’s needs .
  • We are licensed brokers that are able to buy and sell properties for you .
  • We, like the owl, watch over your property 24/7 365 days a year. Volunteer Properties Management, LLC is only a text, phone call or email from superior service.

We provide all of these services from the HEART.

Honest and  helpful, are the watchwords for our commitment to you and your property.

Excellenceis the level of service we strive to provide your tenants as well as your needs as a customer. Whether you need to find a new property to add to your portfolio or care for a leaky roof we have the tools to address your needs.

Accountability is the guiding principle for Volunteer Property Management, LLC .  We hold our team to the highest of standards and we are accountable for every transaction and decision that is made with regard to your investment. Add VPM to the top of your list of faithful vendors and valued partners that provide superior service successfully 365 days a year.

Respect for you, your investment and your privacy separates Volunteer Property Management, LLC  from other companies. Discretion guides our daily operations. We are a full service real estate company. We are able to locate that dream home or the beach house and/or cottage of your dreams.

Trust should be the deciding factor in every decision you make. Your choice to allow Volunteer Property Management, LLC  is a choice for discretion, teamwork and timeliness.  Time does not matter to your VPM team. We are available to service your needs 24 hours a day. We have a person dedicated to your every need and will address those needs as soon as we are aware of them night or day.

Volunteer Property Management, LLC is your partner that provides heartfelt service to you.